crypto program in python.

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> >> I believe your instructor intends you to start with the
> >> skeleton of the program provided above. Complete it by writing
> >> the missing functions: menu, decode, and encode.
> >
> > that is where I confused, I am not sure how to do it, I started
> > but nothing works. And the tutorials at the internet not
> > helpful. If you could write me the code for the decode
> > function, that would be awesome, and other i can do by myself.
> Thanks for being honest. But I cannot agree to write any code for
> you.
> Can you post an example of something you tried that didn't work?
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> Neil Cerutti
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First, think about how to do this without writing code.


The example shows "python rocks" being turned into

Do you see from the two strings how that works?  If you can see that, write
a description of how you encode a message.  Bring that back with some code
that does the same and you will get help

Joel Goldstick
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