Any other screenwriters?

richarddooling at richarddooling at
Sun Mar 10 15:53:28 CET 2013

Thanks all!

I have the ruby script working pretty well and may indeed just tamper with that and perhaps learn a little ruby along the way.

The goal is a command-line converter, hence Trelby would be nice as a converter of last resort, but I would never use it as an editor. The whole point is to stay in Vim as long as possible.

Writers are just like programmers. We write, we run it (and then read the PDF) and then we debug (edit). It's this cycle that is so nice in, say, LaTeX or markdown where you can turn the file you are working on into a PDF, read a few paragraphs, edit, turn it into a new PDF, repeat forever.

Thanks for all of the good advice.


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