Running external module and accessing the created objects

Kene Meniru Kene.Meniru at
Sat Mar 9 04:06:28 CET 2013

Program summary:

I have a module called that imports another module called Functions in are used in to describe 3D 
objects. These objects are saved in another object described in contains a function called view(). When called in, it 
signals the end of object descriptions. Presently all objects 
contained in are exported to either POV-Ray or OpenSCAD file 
format depending on the argument given to view().

My Issues:

I have decided I want to provide a preview of the objects using opengl 
(pyglet). So I am trying to create another module called 
which the user can launch with as an argument. When each 
object is described in, I want the user to be able to switch 
to, provide a signal that makes redraw the screen 
to show any modifications (perhaps with the enter key).

I do not want to invest much time with now as I am still 
coding Right now, just subclasses 

I do not want to merge and I want them to be two 
separate applications because I want to retain the option of either 
console or many different window interfaces.

The problem then is: 

How can I run which will then execute to create the 
objects to be saved in Then when view() is encountered to be 
able to access the objects stored in in

Any ideas will help.


KeMeniru at

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