Running external module and accessing the created objects

Kene Meniru Kene.Meniru at
Sat Mar 9 19:18:19 CET 2013

Kene Meniru wrote:

> Dave Angel wrote:

>> If you really want two processes, then you should consider having the
>> user run the the graphic app, with a commandline parameter of,
>> and have it create the process.  The process runs till
>> it has created all the data, then sends it via some ipc to the graphic
>> app.  Once sent, it terminates.  The graphic app reads the ipc stuff,
>> updates its graphics, then idles, watching for timestamp changes on the
>> file.
> This sounds interesting. What is ipc. Can you give me an example?

Actually there is a possible simple solution consistent with the way my 
program works already. 

I can just provide another exporter for OpenGL that pyglet.window.Window()  
subclass will be able to read. So I will provide another parameter for OGL 
so the user can use view(OGL). When the script is run, all objects 
in doc are converted and exported to a file that the graphics window is 
watching. The contents will then be used to update the view. So this means 
that the user or the graphics window object can run "python" it no 
longer matters how.

Thanks for your comments. 


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