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Rick Johnson wrote:

> On Saturday, March 9, 2013 9:34:53 AM UTC-6, Kene Meniru wrote:

> ============================================================
>  Interactive Input
> ============================================================
> Create an interactive environment where the user can enter commands
> directly into the namespace using your API in real time, then when he is
> ready to see the result of those commands, he can call "display command"
> or push a "display button" and the App will run the appropriate outside
> programs to show the visualization.
> ============================================================
>  Scripts loaded at runtime
> ============================================================
> If you prefer the user to write "scripts", and then have your App read
> these scripts (and create visualizations from the commands within the
> scripts) then the only difference between step 1 and step 2 is *when* the
> commands are interpreted. In this case your app will *load* the scripts
> AFTER they are completely written (this could be done automatically by the
> app at runtime IF the path to these scripts is known, or could be
> accomplished by the user picking files in a dialog (Menu->RunScript).

Please see my last response to Dave Angel. I think it is possible for a 
program to watch a file. I am not interested in menus which is why I am 
going this route. I could easily use PyQt to make this but I am not 
interested in graphical user interfaces. Are you are familiar with LaTeX? 
That is the system I very much want to emulate.

> I think you are trying to create step 1 without the interactive
> environment. This is your mistake. Having users work with "raw files" and
> then *somehow* watching a "raw file" for certain "display commands" (in
> real time) is folly.

It is possible to watch files for changes without user intervention. If a 
change is detected (whether by file size or time) the file can be executed 
as all python modules can be using "python". How is this folly?

> Heck, when you edit a file in a text editor you are only seeing a
> representation of the file from the last time it was saved, and your app
> could never know when the "file data" and the "file view" where
> synchronized; without an asinine amount of foolish programming of course.
> If this is not what you want, then i suggest you create a simple
> representation of your code (or link to the actual code).

My code is available at The 
documentation is at 


KeMeniru at

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