pyqt4 & qt license

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Sun Mar 10 10:45:13 CET 2013

Am Sonntag, 10. März 2013 05:09:41 UTC+1 schrieb D. Xenakis:
> Please correct me if im wrong..
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> PyQT4 GPL Licence is free and by using that someone can develop only
> non-commercial software. 
Wrong. GPL does not prevent you from developing commercial softwarre. You just have to release your source under GPL.
GPL is free as in freedom. It doesn't have to be free as in "free beer". There are customers paying for software relesed under GPL. They just needed it and didn't care if others used it too. 

> What about the source here? Could that be both open and close?
As already said, if you use parts of GPL code in your (non private) project, the whole project has to be GPL.

> Can someone develop a closed source but NON-commercial software,
> by using PyQT4 GPL license?
GPL does not cover commercial vs. non-commertial. Just freedom vs. proprietary.

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