[Python-Help] idle doesn't work

Ned Deily nad at acm.org
Tue Mar 12 17:52:12 CET 2013

In article <513F5080.6030808 at libero.it>,
 leonardo <tampucciolina at libero.it> wrote:
> first of all thanks for trying to help me. the text of my email was the 
> following:
> i have a mac os x 10.8, i had already python 2.7, i downloaded python 
> 3.3 and active tcl 8.5, but idle and the new version don't work, the 
> answer is:"idle's subprocess didn't make connection or personal firewall 
> is blocking". do you know what can i do ?
> or can i use other easy editors to program in python?
> i am frustated cause i can use only the old python 2.7 in the terminal 
> window. python 3.3 has not taken place and idle gives the above 
> mentioned error..

Try typing the following in a terminal window:


or, possibly


and see if there is a more useful error message.

If that doesn't work, try adding -n:

     idle3.3 -n

 Ned Deily,
 nad at acm.org

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