Switch statement

Joseph L. Casale jcasale at activenetwerx.com
Sun Mar 10 15:16:27 CET 2013

I have a switch statement composed using a dict:

switch = {
    'a': func_a,
    'b': func_b,
    'c': func_c
switch.get(var, default)()

As a result of multiple functions per choice, it migrated to:

switch = {
    'a': (func_a1, func_a2),
    'b': (func_b1, func_b2),
    'c': (func_c, )

for f in switch.get(var, (default, )):

As a result of only some of the functions now requiring unique arguments, I presume this
needs to be migrated to a if/else statement? Is there a way to maintain the switch style with
the ability in this scenario to cleanly pass args only to some functions?


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