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On Mar 11, 2:28 pm, jmfauth <wxjmfa... at> wrote:
> On 11 mar, 03:06, Terry Reedy <tjre... at> wrote:
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> > By teaching 'speed before correctness", this site promotes bad
> > programming habits and thinking (and the use of low-level but faster
> > languages).
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> This is exactly what "your" flexible string representation
> does!

This is an old complaint of your with no new data for supporting it

> And away from technical aspects, you even succeeded to
> somehow lose unicode compliance.

This is a new complaint.
Just to make it clear:
1. All your recent complaints about unicode were in the realm of
So your complaint that python has lost unicode compliance can mean one
2a. The unicode standard mandates performance criteria
2b. There are problems with python's implementation (of strings?) that
have functional problems apart from your old performance complaints
2c. You need to look up what 'compliance' means

My own choice is to have a mid-point between
Very early binding: Narrow vs wide builds
Very late binding: String reps can change with the characters as they
are seen
This mid point would be perhaps a commandline switch to choose string-
engine attributes.

However to make this choice even worth a second look we need to have
hard data about performance that you have been unable to provide.

[See the recent thread of RoR vs Django to see the problems of
excessive spurious choice]

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