Getting a list in user defined selection order

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Thu Mar 14 10:34:31 CET 2013

Hello everybody,

I want to select components(vertices) in a particular Order with python.
So when I create a list the main problem is, that maya is not listing the verts in the correct selected order as I did. 

Here an example:

I have selected from a polySphere the following vtx

[sphere.vtx400, sphere.vtx250, sphere.vtx260, sphere.vtx500, sphere.vtx100]

so maya is giving me a list like that:

[sphere.vtx100, sphere.vtx250, sphere.vtx260, sphere.vtx400, sphere.vtx500]

I know that there is a flag in the that created a list in ordered Selection and that you have to enable the tos flag from the selectPref command

cmds.selectPref(tso = 1)
vtx = = 1, flatten = 1)

But then he gives me an empty list, I also tried to toggle it in the preference window, but to be honest that couldn't be the way.

So how can I get a list in an userdefined selection order.

Thank you guys for any help.

the turkish engineer

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