how to couper contenier of a canvas in an outer canvas???

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at
Fri Mar 15 13:18:50 CET 2013

olsr.kamal at, 15.03.2013 13:00:
> i maybe don't talk english very well but at least i am not a Rude,and you are not obligated to answering  me much less  Mocking  me ,i assure  you that  i will not post anything anymore jackass
> thank you  alex23

As Chris pointed out, the real problem was that you were not clear at all
in your post about what your problem was. If you had taken a bit more time
explaining it, maybe even showing a bit of code that makes it clear what
you tried and what did not work about it, you would have made it much
clearer that you are a person worth responding to.

Basically, the question is, if you do not care enough yourself to pose an
understandable question (and I mean the actual content, regardless of any
language comprehension deficiencies etc.), why do you think we should care
enough about it to try to understand it and even answer it?

This might help you in asking better questions next time:

Note that there is also a list of translations, a couple of which might be
easier to read for you:


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