how to couper contenier of a canvas in an outer canvas???

rusi rustompmody at
Fri Mar 15 15:09:41 CET 2013

I dont usually bother about spelling/grammar etc. And I think it silly
to do so on a python list.

However with this question:

On Mar 14, 5:16 pm, olsr.ka... at wrote:
> how to couper all the obejcts in a canvas in an auther canvas?

"obejcts" is clearly "objects"
and "auther" is probably "other"

But what the *^*& is couper?
I first thought it was "couple"
It could be "copy" as Rick understood
By some stretch it could even be "cope"

So yes grammar/spellings etc dont matter... as long as we are within
the bounds of comprehension!

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