how to couper contenier of a canvas in an outer canvas???

Rick Johnson rantingrickjohnson at
Fri Mar 15 21:46:05 CET 2013

how to couper all the obejcts in a canvas in an auther canvas?
On Friday, March 15, 2013 9:09:41 AM UTC-5, rusi wrote:

> I dont usually bother about spelling/grammar etc. And I
> think it silly to do so on a python list. However with
> this question:
> On Mar 14, 5:16 pm, olsr.ka... at wrote:
> > how to couper all the obejcts in a canvas in an auther
> > canvas?
> "obejcts" is clearly "objects"
> and "auther" is probably "other"
> But what the *^*& is couper?
> I first thought it was "couple"

Indeed. He could have meant to say:

  Quote = """\
  How to couple all object in one canvas with corresponding
  objects in another canvas so that edits in one canvas are
  reflected in the objects of another canvas.
It would be a strange request, but i have witnessed much stranger. 

But even *IF* we could interpret such cryptic words as "coupler" and "auther", we would still have no idea what the word "canvas" is referring to. I mean, we could postulate that it is probably a 2D or 3D graphics window, but even then, which GUI library (or gfx library) is he referring to? Maybe he's asking questions about WebGL? WHO KNOWS?

A real person would think: "oops, i was far too ambiguous with my first question, better re-phrase my question now!". 

An agent provocateur would think: "Got him! Now pretend to be a "helpless little student" who's just been brow beaten by an "overbearing intellectual heavy weight" and cry loudly in the corner so everyone will feel sorry for me. 



    [peeks over shoulder with quivering lips to see if people are watching]

    passive voice: "ITS WORKING!!!"

    [quickly turns back to corner and ratchets up the emotion]




What a PATHETIC display!

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