How to automatically get the indent level from code?

Mark Shroyer mshroyer at
Sun Mar 17 07:23:31 CET 2013

I realize this isn't yet precisely what you're asking for, but look at the inspect and ast modules:

    import ast, inspect

    def indent_level():
        lineno = inspect.currentframe().f_back.f_lineno

        with open(__file__) as source_file:
            tree = ast.parse(, filename=__file__)

        for node in ast.walk(tree):
            if hasattr(node, 'lineno') and node.lineno == lineno:
                return node.col_offset

    def example_usage():
        print("first indent_level() = {0}".format(indent_level()))
        if True:
            print("second indent_level() = {0}".format(indent_level()))

    if __name__ == '__main__':

The indent_level function above returns the textual column offset rather than the logical block level you're asking for, e.g.:

    first indent_level() = 4
    second indent_level() = 8

But hopefully it's a start.


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I want to get the indent level within the code. For example, I want to
print 1 within the while loop as the line is indented 1 level. Is it
possible to get it within python?

while 1:
   #print the level of indent, which is 1 here.


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