pynguin-0.13 python turtle graphics application now uses python 3

Lee Harr missive at
Sun Mar 17 23:28:11 CET 2013

>> Pynguin is a python-based turtle graphics application.
>>     It combines an editor, interactive interpreter, and
>>     graphics display area.
> What does pynguin have that the builtin python turtle does not?

It is meant to be easier to get started with.

You start the application and it is all ready to go with the basic
turtle-style commands pulled in to the local namespace.

It also has some nice added features:

Many commands are available from menus. The equivalent
    python is copied to the interpreter to help students discover
    and learn how to write the code.
The canvas can be panned and zoomed with the mouse.
I just posted a quick hack on edu-sig for exporting the canvas as svg.
All colors (except the background) can have alpha channels.

If you are a fan of please give pynguin a try and let me
know what you think!


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