How to make a Python script to audio read a text file on phone ?

Nic nicktwain at
Sun Mar 17 15:04:18 CET 2013

I've installed Python on my Nokia E71 (Symbian S60 3rd FP1) and found a script example which can read out text, see example below.
 I want to make the script to asks me for a text file instead and then reads out the content. I guess it works with a .txt file, dont know if other formats work.  Regards!


# Copyright (c) 2006 Jurgen Scheible
# This script performs a query with a single-field dialog (text input field)
# and lets the phone speak out the text (text to speech) that the users have typed in
# NOTE: this script runs only with Python S60 version 3.1.14 or above
# NOTE: this script doesn't work on all S60 phones neccessarily. Check your phone model if it has text to speech capability at all

import appuifw
import audio

text = appuifw.query(u"Type a word:", "text")

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