"Learn Python Quickly" is FREE today March 18th

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Tue Mar 19 04:23:07 CET 2013

On 3/18/2013 8:55 AM, John Rowland wrote:
> For just today, the book "Learn Python Quickly" is free to download
> from Amazon. Also, go to www.learnpythonquickly.com for more
> information.

I just 'bought' this to see if it is something I would recommend. I 
turned first to the IDLE section. A couple of suggestions:

"Click Run -> Run Module F5 The following window will appear <save box>" 
That soon gets to be a nuisance and can be turned off with Options / 
Configure IDLE / General / Autosave Preferences (x) No prompt. I think 
even beginners should learn about the configure dialog.

"It is essential that you include the .py extension."
We fixed that nuisance last summer for 3.3. So: "For python versions 
before 3.3, ...."

Terry Jan Reedy

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