Help. HOW TO guide for PyQt installation

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Wed Mar 20 10:30:07 CET 2013

On Wed, 20 Mar 2013 02:09:06 -0700 (PDT), jmfauth <wxjmfauth at>
> On 20 mar, 01:12, "D. Xenakis" <gouzouna... at> wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> Im searching for an installation guide for PyQt toolkit.
>> To be honest im very confused about what steps should i follow for a
>> complete and clean installation. Should i better choose to install the
>> 32bit or the 64bit windows version? Or maybe both? Any chance one of
>> is more/less bug-crashy than the other? I know both are availiable on
>> website but just asking.. If i installed this package on windows 8,
>> should i have any problems? From what i read PyQt supports only xp and
>> win7.
>> I was thinking about installing the newer version of PyQt along with
>> QT5. I have zero expirience on PyQt so either way, everything is going
>> be new to me, so i dont care that much about the learning curve
>> between new and old PyQt - Qt version. I did not find any installer so
>> guess i should customly do everything. Any guide for this plz?
>> Id also like to ask.. Commercial licence of PyQt can only be bought on
>> riverbank's website? I think i noticed somewhere an other reseller
>> "cheaper one" or maybe i didnt know what the hell i was reading :).
>> something about Qt and not PyQt.
>> Please help this noob,
>> Regards
> --------
> Short answer without explanation. It does not work.
> jmf

Well it works for me. Care to elaborate?


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