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> t= [3,5,6,7,10,14,17,21]

> Basically I want to print Test 1 when i is equal to an element of the
> list "t" and print Test 2 when i is not equal:

> while i<=25:

>     if i==t[]:

>        print "Test1"

>     else:

>        print "Test2"

> What is missing here for this script work?

1. You're missing an initial value for i.
2. You never increment i, so the while loop will never exit.
3. The syntax 'if i==t[]' is wrong.
4. The way you have this code set up, you would need two loops: an outer
   loop for i from 1 to 25, and an inner loop for the items in t.
5. As others have said, this is a poor way to go about it.  You want to
   use "if i in t".

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