How can I wrap a binary file-like object with an IO stream?

Will McGugan will at
Thu Mar 21 23:44:52 CET 2013


I am looking in to improving Python 3.X support for PyFilesystem (https://

There is provisional Python 3 support in there, but a stumbling block is 
that I would like the open method to work like in Py3 -- 
specifically returning text mode streams that handle the unicode encoding/
decoding. At the moment, the 'open' method of PyFilesystem objects just 
returns a Python 2 style file-like object.

What I could use is a way of taking a Python 2.X file-like object 
together with the mode, encoding and buffering etc. and return an 
appropriate IO stream that handles the encoding/decoding.

I'm sure I could implement the logic myself by looking at the mode/
encoding and return the appropriate IO interface, but I was hoping there 
was something in the stdlib to do this, or some pre-existing code I can 

Thanks in advance,

Will McGugan

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