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Hello there,

As I've proposed it, let me try to explain it a bit better (if you have
doubts, I should probably rephrase the proposal).

There are 2 main targets there: keeping PyDev properly supported (which
hopefully doesn't need more explanation) and creating LiClipse.

The idea for LiClipse is definitely not making a fork, but having an easier
way to add a basic editor inside Eclipse (while developing PyDev, I do get
many requests for adding support for editors related to Python, such as
Django templates, Mako, Restructured text, Cython, etc), so, this will
provide me with a basis to do that (and with the basis in place, the idea
is having the possibility of creating an editor without knowledge of
Eclipse and in a very fast way -- current technologies for that such as
DLTK or XText aim much higher and are not trivial. I really want to have a
way to have a basic editor inside Eclipse just specifying the language very
'loosely' -- say, something that'd take you 15-30 minutes and almost no
special knowledge of Eclipse internals -- and which would need more
knowledge of Eclipse internals only for more advanced stuff).

As for the dark theme, it's something that annoys me a lot (so, I was
hoping it was also something interesting for other people -- right now,
it's not possible to have a professional dark theme in Eclipse, there are
many loose ends -- so, for those that would like to work with a dark theme
-- as myself -- it may be very annoying -- although yes, it may not be
applicable if you're happy with the current non-dark UI).

As for distributions, yes, I plan to do an Eclipse distribution with
LiClipse / PyDev bundled -- Easy Eclipse is definitely not a solution as it
is NOT supported (it has an ancient version of PyDev which only serves to
confuse users and does not have a Python version with PyDev).
I'd hardly call that a fork thought (and it should be possible to install
it as a separate plugin anyways, so, you can use the Eclipse you got from
anywhere and just use the update site to get those plugins).



On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 10:01 PM, Verde Denim <tdldev at> wrote:

> On 03/22/2013 04:26 PM, Wanderer wrote:
> > I just updated PyDev and I got this message that they are looking for
> funding for a new flavor of Eclipse called LiClipse. The description of
> what LiClipse will be is kind of sketchy. No offense intended, but why?
> There is already a bunch of downloads at Eclipse and there is also Easy
> Eclipse. The only reason for a redesign of Eclipse, I would want would be
> change it from being Java based. Oracle is losing money and I wonder what
> their next business model will be for Java. Anyway, does anyone know what
> this LiClipse is all about?
> >
> > Thanks
> Check this -
> described as a toolchain with plugins and a sleek UI for Eclipse; sounds
> like a fork...
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