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> > Hello there,
> >
> > As I've proposed it, let me try to explain it a bit better (if you have
> > doubts, I should probably rephrase the proposal).
> >
> > There are 2 main targets there: keeping PyDev properly supported (which
> > hopefully doesn't need more explanation) and creating LiClipse.
> >
> > The idea for LiClipse is definitely not making a fork, but having an
> easier
> > way to add a basic editor inside Eclipse (while developing PyDev, I do
> get
> > many requests for adding support for editors related to Python, such as
> > Django templates, Mako, Restructured text, Cython, etc), so, this will
> > provide me with a basis to do that (and with the basis in place, the idea
> > is having the possibility of creating an editor without knowledge of
> > Eclipse and in a very fast way -- current technologies for that such as
> > DLTK or XText aim much higher and are not trivial. I really want to have
> a
> > way to have a basic editor inside Eclipse just specifying the language
> very
> > 'loosely' -- say, something that'd take you 15-30 minutes and almost no
> > special knowledge of Eclipse internals -- and which would need more
> > knowledge of Eclipse internals only for more advanced stuff).
> >
> > As for the dark theme, it's something that annoys me a lot (so, I was
> > hoping it was also something interesting for other people -- right now,
> > it's not possible to have a professional dark theme in Eclipse, there are
> > many loose ends -- so, for those that would like to work with a dark
> theme
> > -- as myself -- it may be very annoying -- although yes, it may not be
> > applicable if you're happy with the current non-dark UI).
> >
> > As for distributions, yes, I plan to do an Eclipse distribution with
> > LiClipse / PyDev bundled -- Easy Eclipse is definitely not a solution as
> it
> > is NOT supported (it has an ancient version of PyDev which only serves to
> > confuse users and does not have a Python version with PyDev).
> > I'd hardly call that a fork thought (and it should be possible to install
> > it as a separate plugin anyways, so, you can use the Eclipse you got from
> > anywhere and just use the update site to get those plugins).
> >
> > Cheers,
> >
> > Fabio
> I am interested in the new eclipse plugin capabilities.
> Where does liclipse stand with respect to this?

The idea is providing a way to add a language just by saying things like
keywords, elements (such as function or class -- if your language has
that), indenting words and it'll provide you an editor that has all the
common functions you'd expect, such as syntax highlighting, outline,
indenting, template completion, etc. So, in LiClipse, you shouldn't need to
create a plugin at this level, just one configuration file (which you
should be able to fill in 15-30 minutes).

After that, if you want more things (such as code analysis or a semantic
aware code completion), then you'd have to go the route of actually
creating an Eclipse plugin.

> ie Eclipse-4 claims to have made plugin development (for new custom
> languages) easier.
> What is the relation of liclipse to eclipse 3<->4 plugin architecture?

Well, it may have become a bit easier (with dltk and xtext), but it's still
far from trivial (you still have to know at least java, how plugins work,
eclipse internals, creating a grammar, etc.).

The editors structure for LiClipse should work in both Eclipse 3 or 4,
although the theming enhancements will require Eclipse 4 (as it'll need
some features only available there).


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