Separate Rows in reader

Jiewei Huang jiewei24 at
Sun Mar 24 06:20:29 CET 2013

Hi all,

Currently create a simple text-based database of information about people

I have a csv file which consist of 3 rows , row 1 2 and 3 is as such:
Name	 Address	Telephone	Birthday  
John Konon	Ministry of Moon Walks	4567882	27-Feb
Stacy Kisha	Ministry of Man Power	1234567	17-Jan

My codes are :
import csv
original = file('friends.csv', 'rU')
reader = csv.reader(original)

for row in reader:
    print row

and the output is :
['Name', ' Address', 'Telephone', 'Birthday']
['John Konon', 'Ministry of Moon Walks', '4567882', '27-Feb']
['Stacy Kisha', 'Ministry of Man Power', '1234567', '17-Jan']

But i wanted to make it

[('John Cleese', 'Ministry of Silly Walks', '5555421', '27-Feb'),
( 'Stacy Kisha', 'Ministry of Man Power', '1234567', 17-Jan')]

can someone show me guidance to this issue

Thanks all

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