Separate Rows in reader

Tim Chase python.list at
Sun Mar 24 14:49:22 CET 2013

On 2013-03-24 09:03, Dave Angel wrote:
> >> <SNIP all those quoted lines doubled by anti-social googlegroups>


> > Sorry my typo in the output here is the correct output that i
> > need :
> >
> > [('John Konon', 'Ministry of moon Walks', '4567882', '27-Feb'),
> > ( 'Stacy Kisha', 'Ministry of Man Power', '1234567', 17-Jan')]
> >
> > the difference is that i need a [(row two), (row three), (row
> > fouth)] . I do not want to display row one which is ['Name', '
> > Address', 'Telephone', 'Birthday']
> I had to add a delimiter= to accomodate the fact that your data is
> tab- separated.

Since it has headers, it might make more sense for readability to use
a DictReader:

  f = file("source.txt", "rb")
  r = csv.DictReader(f, delimiter='\t')
  for row in r:
    print row["Name"], row["Address"], ...

However, if it's just stripping off the first row and operating
directly on the resulting data, then I'd just be tempted to do

  r = csv.reader(f, delimiter='\t') # discard the headers, or optionally store them
  for row in r:


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