Separate Rows in reader

Tim Roberts timr at
Fri Mar 29 05:28:04 CET 2013

Jiewei Huang <jiewei24 at> wrote:
>Hi the output is:
>[('John Cleese,Ministry of Silly Walks,5555421,27-Oct',), ('Stacy Kisha,Ministry of Man Power,1234567,17-Jan',)]
>how to make it to
>[CODE][('John Cleese', 'Ministry of Silly Walks' , '5555421', '27-Oct'), ('Stacy Kisha', 'Ministry of Man Power', '1234567,17-Jan')][/CODE]
>i need ' ' in all the row and the , to be remove after the date

Do you have any intention of doing ANY of this work on your own?  Or are
you going to steal it all?
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