Help me pick an API design (OO vs functional)

Michael Herrmann michael.herrmann at
Mon Mar 25 21:48:15 CET 2013

Hi Kwpolska,

thanks for your reply (as last time I posted here!). 

On Monday, March 25, 2013 8:42:25 PM UTC+1, Kwpolska wrote:
> ...
> >         notepad_1 = start("Notepad")
> >         notepad_2 = start("Notepad")
> >         with notepad_1:
> >                 write("Hello World!")
> >                 press(CTRL + 'a', CTRL + 'c')
> >         with notepad_2:
> >                 press(CTRL + 'v')
> That’s ugly, and don’t forget that your users aren’t Pythonistas most
> of the time.

I kind of like the context manager solution because the indentation makes it very obvious what happens in which window. You are right about our target group though. Also, the "with" is not as explicit as it probably should be. 

> ...
> PS. do you plan a version for non-Windows OSes?  Also, €99 is too expensive.

We'd of course love to support other platforms but don't currently have the resources to do this. We actually just wrote a blog entry about this and some related questions: If we have something wrong, do let us know in the comments over there!

It's very hard work building such an automation tool and also we have to live off something. Unfortunately, we can't make the price any lower.

P.S.: First-time bottom-posting!

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