Cannot run a single MySQLdb execute....

Alan Meyer ameyer2 at
Fri Mar 29 18:32:45 CET 2013

On 03/29/2013 03:40 AM, Νίκος Γκρ33κ wrote:
> So, just to make sure that MySQLdb isnt causeing the probkem can
> someone, perhaps you that is familiar with linxu conenct to my jailed
> shell account and install manually the 'pymysql' module because i
> dont know how to do it and i cannot afford to pay ath linux admin
> because iam unemployed.
> please i can providr ou with user and pass for my jailed shell access
> for someone ti install it manually.

Sorry Nikos, I don't have time to do anything like that.  I'm going nuts 
with my own programming problems and deadlines.

However, MySQLdb is a well established module and what you're asking it 
to do is very simple and very standard.

I can think of several obvious possibilities for you to pursue.

The first one is, are you successfully connecting to the database at 
all?  I suspect that you are not.  You may have an error in your 
connection string - the host, userid, port number, database name, or 
password.  That's the most likely problem.

See if you can find some other program on your server that does 
successfully connect and look at the connection parameters.  Be sure 
that you're checking the return value from your connect() call.

If everything looks good, check to see if you have rights to the 
database and table you are trying to select from.

Good luck.


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