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> Well i dont like people taking to me this way espceially when iam tryign 2
> days for something and thats changing from 2.6 => 3.2.3
> I follow advice as long as i can understand whats being said to me.
> So if someone wants to help by asking me to try things please do.
> --

I think you took an unwise approach to switch from 2.6 to 3.2.3 on a live
server.  I haven't tried 3.x yet, but I have seen lots of articles and
videos about what is involved in moving that way.  The unicode stuff seems
to be a big change.  Another issue is whether third party modules that work
for 2.x are available for 3.x.  Following along with your questions it
appears you just changed interpreters and then watched things break.  I
suggest that you go back to study what is different about 3.x from 2.x.
When you have a good understanding of that, go through your 2.x code and
identify all of the areas that seem likely not to work.  Then write some
small test programs in 3.x to see if you can make the various functions
work.  You will learn a lot, and when you have problems you will be able to
come back here and ask more informed questions, and likely will get more
willing help.

good luck

Joel Goldstick
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