Convert Latitude, Longitude To TimeZone

Steve B maccten2000 at
Sun Mar 31 16:53:14 CEST 2013

Hi All


I'm new to python (4 days J) and was wondering if anyone out there can help


I am trying to get the time zones for latitude and longitude  coordinates
but am having a few problems

The mistakes are probably very basic


I have a table in a database with around 600 rows. Each row contains a lat
long coordinate for somewhere in the world

I want to feed these co-ordinates into a function and then retrieve the time
zone. The aim being to convert events which have a local time stamp within
each of these 600 places into UTC time

I found a piece of code
] which uses the function []


When I try to run the code, I get the error geonames is not defined (This is
the function previously linked to)

I have applied for an account with geonames, I think I have just saved the
function file in the wrong directory or something simple. Can anyone help



# Converts latitude longitude into a time zone

# REF:

# REF:



geonames_client = geonames.GeonamesClient('Username_alpha')

geonames_result = geonames_client.find_timezone({'lat': 48.871236, 'lng':

user.timezone = geonames_result['timezoneId']



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