Help with python code!

Roy Smith roy at
Sun Mar 31 23:27:06 CEST 2013

In article <4455829d-5b4a-44ee-b65f-5f72d429ba9c at>,
 jojo <gerrymcgovern at> wrote:

> Thanks for your replies. Just to be clear this is for a interview and they 
> would like me to figure out what the code does and come back with some test 
> cases. I don't need to code the tests, just give some high level tests. As 
> far as I can make out it is some system where you input your name and it will 
> bring back your details plus how much time you have left on your card. Have 
> to say I find the code extremely confusing, hopefully all python isn't like 
> this!!

If this is for an interview, you really should be doing this on your 
own.  I assume the point of the interview is to see how well you know 
Python.  Please don't expect people here to take your interview for you.

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