Possibly better loop construct, also labels+goto important and on the fly compiler idea.

Bernhard Schornak schornak at web.de
Fri Nov 1 00:44:51 CET 2013

wolfgang kern wrote:

 > Bernhard Schornak replied to a "Flying-Bucket-post":
 > Methink we all know about the often not-so-logical ideas from
 > Buck, they merely come from an abstracted view and are far away
 > from todays hardware given opportunities.
 > OTOH, I sometimes got to think about his weird ideas, but mainly
 > figured that his demands are already covered by hardware but may
 > not have entered his Delphi/Python-HLL-world yet.
 > Most of the asked features may be found implemented in the C/C+-
 > area even just as intrisincs since a while anyway now.

Oops. I am a free human, so I am a natural enemy of declarations of
quite pointless "Universal Laws" - in simple words: Plights are the
opposite of rights.

 > wolfgang
 > (for those who dont know:
 >   I'm a purist machine code programmer since more than 35 years)

Bis zum selba z'sammg'schtrickt'n ZX80 (1980) ko I grod no midhoid'n...



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