Parsing multiple lines from text file using regex

Jason Friedman jsf80238 at
Sun Nov 3 12:12:37 CET 2013

>  Hi,
> I am having an issue with something that would seem to have an easy
> solution, but which escapes me.  I have configuration files that I would
> like to parse.  The data I am having issue with is a multi-line attribute
> that has the following structure:
> banner <option> <banner text delimiter>
> Banner text
> Banner text
> Banner text
> ...
> <banner text delimiter>
This is an alternative solution someone else posted on this list for a
similar problem I had:

from itertools import groupby
def get_lines_from_file(file_name):
    with open(file_name) as reader:
        for line in reader.readlines():

counter = 0
def key_func(x):
    if x.strip().startswith("banner") and x.strip().endswith("<banner text
        global counter
        counter += 1
    return counter

for key, group in groupby(get_lines_from_file("my_data"), key_func):
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