Setting up for python django development with Debian Linux

D.M. Procida real-not-anti-spam-address at
Thu Nov 14 00:30:56 CET 2013

Gary Roach <gary719_list1 at> wrote:

> I have been trying to set up a python, django, mysql, virtualenvwrapper
> and git development project and am really confused. All of the 
> documentation seems to ignore the apt-get installation methods used by
> Debian Linux and its derivatives. 

I assume you've either worked this out or given up by now, but in any

> Does pip install the same as apt-get; I don't think so. If I use
> virtualenvwrapper, how does this fit with the normal debian (wheezy)
> installation.

Firstly, pip doesn't install in the same way apt-get does. 

The general rule is: if it's a Python package (such as Django) use pip;
if it's not (such as MySQL) use apt-get.

Secondly, there is little if any need to install Python packages outside
a virtualenv. It's almost always more convenient to have them in a
virtualenv, rather than system-wide.

> I also need git which just confuses 
> the situation even more. Must I give up the automatic updating system
> that Debian provides when setting up the development environment? 

I just use apt-get to install Git and update it every now and then.


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