Algorithm that makes maximum compression of completly diffused data.

Tim Roberts timr at
Thu Nov 7 09:05:53 CET 2013

jonas.thornvall at wrote:
>Well let me try to explain why it is working and i have implemented one.
>I only need to refresh my memory it was almost 15 years ago.
>This is not the solution but this is why it is working.

All of those values are indeed the same, and yet that is completely
unrelated to compression.  Did you honestly believe this was actually
explaining anything?

>Yes i am aware that 256 is a single byte 8 bits, but the approach is valid anyway.

This whole post is a most amazing collection of non sequiturs.  If you
would like to describe your compression scheme, there really are people
here who would be interested in reading it (although that number gets less
and less as this thread goes on).
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