Retrieving possible list for use in a subsequent INSERT

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Fri Nov 1 20:19:02 CET 2013

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> ???? 1/11/2013 7:07 ??, ?/? Paul Simon ??????:
>> If you have a list of values of the same type, but different values,
>> you need a new table with a foreign key to the table it relates to.
>> This is a relational database question.  You can read more here:
> I already answered to that in my previous post, this answer was Joel's 
> there was no need to retype it since i i saw it and responded to it.

Perhaps you misunderstood my response to Joel's comment.  You don't <need> a 
many to many table as he said above in your quote.  That's required for a 
normal form but isn't necessary.  Denormalize the many to many form, have 
duplicated data in your only table if that works for you.  Storage is cheap 
and its easier to create sql stsatements, too.

Paul Simon 

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