Basic Python Questions - Oct. 31, 2013

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Mon Nov 4 00:16:11 CET 2013

On 2013-11-03, Jim Gibson <JimSGibson at> wrote:
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>>        My main, complex programs won't be run at Web sites. They will 
>> instead continue to be available as downloadable exe programs.  The CGI (or 
>> whatever) programming work would involve relatively simple programs. But 
>> they would need to be able to generate charts that would be displayed on Web 
>> pages. That sounds like it is probably fairly easy to do using Python. A 
>> Perl - Gnuplot combination is also supposed to be able to do that. But so 
>> far I have not seen any good explanations for how to actually get Gnuplot to 
>> run as a callable CGI program. So other programs such as Python are being 
>> considered.
> One way to generate plot within a CGI program is this:
> 1. Write a file with gnuplot commands (e.g., 'gnuplot.cmd') that set
> the output device to a graphics file of some format (e.g., PNG),
> generate a plot, and quit gnuplot.

Or you can use the pygnuplot module which handles much of that for y0ou.


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