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Fri Nov 1 10:32:56 CET 2013

On 01/11/2013 09:17, Chris Angelico wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 1, 2013 at 8:08 PM, Mark Lawrence <breamoreboy at> wrote:
>> I'm heading into town in maybe an hour.  I'll stop here
>> so I can get an extremely large
>> pair of pliers with which I can extract my tongue from my cheek :)
> I think you may have a bit of trouble. The part where you demanded the
> language dynamically figure out what you wanted may have gotten your
> tongue rather stuck there...
> The neat thing about this list is that even posts like that can result
> in real solutions :)
> ChrisA

Absolutely correct.

This thread actually got me thinking[1].  There's a thread on Python 
ideas about "where did we go wrong with negative stride?".  It discusses 
maybe fixing this for Python 4.  I wondered if the idea of deprecating 
printf style formatting might also come up again.  It was discussed in 
some depth here

[1] yes it does happen, yes you may joke about it and yes I can take the 
jokes, I certainly deserve them :)

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