multiprocessing: child process race to answer

smhall05 smhall05 at
Sat Nov 2 03:35:47 CET 2013

I am using a basic multiprocessing snippet I found:

from multiprocessing import Pool

def  f(x):
    return x*x

if __name__ == '__main__':
    pool = Pool(processes=4)              # start 4 worker processes
    result = pool.apply_async(f, [10])    # evaluate "f(10)" asynchronously
    print result.get(timeout=1)           
    print, range(10))          # prints "[0, 1, 4,..., 81]"

I am using this code to have each process go off and solve the same problem, just with different inputs to the problem. I need to be able to kill all processes once 1 of n processes has come up with the solution. There will only be one answer.

I have tried:

sys.exit(0) #this causes the program to hang

These still allow further processing before the program terminates. What else can I try? I am not able to share the exact code at this time. I can provide more detail if I am unclear. Thank you

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