How to add a current string into an already existing list

Joel Goldstick joel.goldstick at
Tue Nov 5 16:44:24 CET 2013

As I  read this thread, the original question was how to stuff
multiple values in a single sql column.  Several people pointed out
that the proper way to handle multiple values related to the original
table is to use a second table or perhaps a many to many relationship
with and intermediate join table.  Some people, including the original
poster seem to want to shoe horn the data into a single field. --
blobs, strings, even python lists, etc.  Although there is nothing
stopping a coder from doing that (except lack of skill ;)), it is a
bad idea.  SQL, whether a complete implementation of Codd stuff, or a
reasonable facsimile is a system that makes it possible to make
complex queries on data stored properly.  If you break the normal
forms, you always end up not being able to use sql statements to get
everything out that you put in.

So, some people here seem to think that's ok.  It may get the poster
past his first step more quickly than taking the time to understand
the tools he is using.  But eventually, there will be a big cost to
extending the code.  And we will endure another thread like this.
Personally, I think it demeans the group.

Once again we get the pattern:

How do I do this?

1. Here's how

No, I don't like that way

2. Here's a bad way

Oh good, will you write it for me.

Joel Goldstick

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