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Sat Nov 16 12:42:35 CET 2013

On 16/11/2013 02:01, Dennis Lee Bieber wrote:
> 	Given that "English" contains remnants of latin (from the Roman
> occupation), saxons (a germanic tribe), angles (another germanic tribe),
> danish (after the joining of the anglo-saxon), other vikings (norse), then
> the norman invasion (which was a mix of norse and old french), etc. -- the
> overlapping of orthographic elements is no surprise.

I'm trying to work out what the(?) language should be called given the 
above list.  Sure "English" is derived from those "angles", but by the 
time you've derived all the other names and strung them all together, 
phew, what a mouthful.  It's best not to go there, yes?

Also consider how the language has changed from Chaucer, through 
Shakespear, Dickins and now J.K. Rowling.

Then there's the centre of the universe, "Breamore" is prounced 
"Bremmer" and used to be spelt "Bremmer".  Don't ask :)

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Mark Lawrence

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