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> I have one .xls file with the values of PV MV and SP, I wanna to calculate
> Kp Ki Kd with python from this file, can anyone give me any suggestion
> about how can I do this? From now, thanks.

You're being rather vague, so my answer is vague too.  I won't attempt to
deal with the formulas for your conversions - apparently that's your

But for dealing with xls files, I recommend saving to and reading from .csv
files; Python deals great with these.

If you're not concerned about getting (further) locked into a dying,
binary-only platform, you could use xlrd and xlwt though.

It looks like xlrd runs on 2.x and 3.x, while xlwt is still 2.x only -
that's another reason to go with csv, which works well with 2.x and 3.x for
reading and writing.
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