Compiling Python3 for BeagleBone Black (Angstrom distro)

Amirouche Boubekki amirouche.boubekki at
Mon Nov 4 22:37:52 CET 2013

Hi Travis,

I see, looking at ./configure --help | less, that I could provide
> --disable-FEATURE and --without-PACKAGE directives to my ./configure
> invocation. But what I don't see is how to generate a list of what
> FEATURES/PACKAGES I could put there for consideration of omission. Is there
> some magic juju that generates that?

I don't remember correctly, I think it's a environment variable, also there
was a bug in python 2.7 regarding this...

Have a look at the of your python version there is some juju magic
mojo variable that configures the compiled extensions [1]

Also, whenever you want to compile something check gentoo ebuild aka.
compilation recipe, for instance for Python
from scratch <>.

Distcc might be helpful.

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