To whoever hacked into my Database

Νίκος Αλεξόπουλος nikos.gr33k at
Fri Nov 8 17:28:39 CET 2013

Στις 8/11/2013 6:06 μμ, ο/η Mark Lawrence έγραψε:

> But let's not waste any more time on this.  Please get back to checking
> your web site.  She might have been hacking again.  Or little fingers
> from one of my highly paid contractors might have been up to no good. Oh
> but I forgot, you've made it hacker proof now.  You'll sleep much better
> knowing your site is safe.  Or is it?

Many visitors per hour in my website.
They didn't manage to mess with the db again or the variables i'm utilizing.

The hacker maybe a blondie and she cant get a workaround after my changes.

At least lest hope she is a pretty hacker wannabe :-)

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