To whoever hacked into my Database

Mark Lawrence breamoreboy at
Fri Nov 8 14:30:36 CET 2013

On 08/11/2013 10:00, Νίκος Αλεξόπουλος wrote:
> I have never exposed my client's data. Prove otherwise.

If your site has successfully been hacked *TWICE* then by definition 
your clients data has been exposed.  Didn't you also hand out your 
password, that's really secure, isn't it?

> The only legal action that will happen will take place in your
> Asperger's Syndrome sick imagination.

I must be winning as you've now had to resort to insults.  I assume that 
you're jealous because my "Asperger Syndrome sick" mind knows what 
"TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable" actually means.  You 
couldn't work it out despite Steven D'Aprano literally spelling it out 
in words of one syllable or less.

Python is the second best programming language in the world.
But the best has yet to be invented.  Christian Tismer

Mark Lawrence

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