To whoever hacked into my Database

Mark Lawrence breamoreboy at
Fri Nov 8 14:31:02 CET 2013

On 08/11/2013 10:05, Νίκος Αλεξόπουλος wrote:
> I never ignore advices.
> I read all answers as carefully as i can.
> But nevertheless sometimes i feel things should have been better
> implemented using my way.

The only relational database that has no relationships as effectively 
there's only one table, despite what Denis McMahon (amongst others?) has 

> Not of course that i know better, but thats better suited for me in the
> level iam.

And better suited to your customers as you've never exposed their data 
have you?  Apart from...

Python is the second best programming language in the world.
But the best has yet to be invented.  Christian Tismer

Mark Lawrence

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