To whoever hacked into my Database

Νίκος Αλεξόπουλος nikos.gr33k at
Fri Nov 8 20:23:08 CET 2013

Στις 8/11/2013 7:11 μμ, ο/η rurpy at έγραψε:
> On 11/08/2013 03:05 AM, Νίκος Αλεξόπουλος wrote:
>> I never ignore advices.
>> I read all answers as carefully as i can.
>> But nevertheless sometimes i feel things should have been better
>> implemented using my way.
>> Not of course that i know better, but thats better suited for me in the
>> level iam.
> Most of the "advice" I've seen posted here has, as far
> as I can tell, not intended to be useful but to serve
> as a way to telling you are incompetent are in other ways
> insulting or useless.  I think you are quite right to
> ignore it (or tell the poster to get lost.)
> Long before you showed up here, I noticed the tendency
> to not answer questions directly but to jerk people off
> by giving hints or telling them to do something other
> than they want to do.
> Often that is good because the original request was
> for something that the OP really didn't want to do.
> But sometimes the OP knows they want to do (but doesn't
> want or is unable to clearly explain why) and when
> they clearly state that, yes, they do want to do it
> their way, their question should be answered in good
> faith or, for those who just can't tell how to do
> something "wrong", ignored.
> Instead the response is typically a lot of hostility
> directed at them for not "taking advice".  In other
> words, the advice here is not free advice, but come
> with the price that you are expected to except it
> gratefully whether it was what you asked for or not.
> I think you are quite right to reject advice that does
> not do what you want and ask again for advice that does.
> FWIW, I am quite sure there are other readers of this
> group who feel the same way, but most people aren't
> willing to subject themselves to the bullying that
> will be directed at anyone who publicly agrees with you.
> It is the same way in real life too as I'm sure
> you know.
> Just wanted to let you know that not everybody here
> is an asshole.  It is just that assholes, by their
> nature, are the loudest.

Thank you for your support rurpy.
Not all ppl in this list are rude and insulting.

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