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Wed Nov 13 15:10:35 CET 2013

On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 2:08 AM, Antoon Pardon
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>> That doesn't mean that when somebody
>> misbehaves, you can do whatever you want in retaliation without regard
>> for others who might be involved.
> But I didn't do whatever. What I did was similar in what others
> had been doing before. And while those others were doing it
> they received very little reaction. So why the reaction now?

I've already answered that, so as far as I can see you're only asking
to be argumentative.

>>>> "But he started it" wasn't an
>>>> excuse in kindergarten, and it still isn't one now.
>>> Then that kindergarten teacher was lousy at her job and would
>>> probably let the bullies maninupulate her in punishing their
>>> victems. That is what you get if you unconditionally tell
>>> people that "he started it" can't be an excuse.
>> Yes, when one kid is yelling at another kid because the second kid
>> pulled the first kid's hair, the teacher should just ignore the
>> yelling because, after all, "he started it."  I'm sure that won't
>> cause any disruption in the classroom at all, and having one kid
>> yelling probably isn't going to set any of the others off, is it?
> Thank you for making my point. You are concentrating completely
> on the yelling and ignoring that somebody pulled the yellers hair.
> So you have no problem with the teacher telling the yeller to stop
> it, while ignoring that the hair puller is largely ignored in this.

No, they both get detention.  But I'm not going to bother addressing
the hair puller about it in this case, because he is incorrigible.  It
would serve no purpose and only fan the flames.

> Well you can expect all you want. It is not going to happen. Your
> expectations are completely unrealistic and the way you react will
> be perceived by a number of people as just an attempt to getting those
> that are frustrated silenced without much care about what caused those
> frustrations.

There is absolutely nothing that I can do about what caused those
frustrations, so what practical difference does it make whether I care
or not?

> It looks like in your world you have a very limited idea of how adults
> behave. Expecting the others to behave like adults has often enough
> been the strategy of the priveledged to ignore justified frustration.

Nobody is being disenfranchised here.  If you want to make this about
privilege, then I will just say that I think it is the height of
privilege to be fussing over the fact that there are people who annoy
you on the internet, and moreover doing so to the detriment of the

> It is a win either way. If the frustration is uttered in an adult,
> mature way it doesn't cause much discomfort and is easily ignored. So
> when those who are frustrated see that being adult and mature doesn't
> get them much and start reacting a bit less adultly and maturely the
> frustration can now be dismissed as not being done in an adult and
> mature way.
> That is your goal here too. You are not interested in the frustrations
> of a number of people. You just want to be able to ignore there are
> frustrated people on the news group.

It's not about me at all.  If it were, I would be more likely to just
unsubscribe than to raise a fuss about it.  It's also not about you,
and it's not even about Nikos.  What it is about is that this crap
about Nikos is often the first thing that newcomers will see when they
join this group.  You seem very concerned in your posts about what
kind of message I'm sending by what I choose to respond to.  Well,
think about what kind of message it sends to a new user when their
introduction to the group -- which is supposedly about Python -- is a
lot of flaming directed at some poster whom they know nothing about.
You keep trying to cast certain people who are frustrated by Nikos as
victims in all this, but they're not.  I think that all who have
posted in this thread, and many who haven't, are probably all
frustrated in one way or another by all this -- I know that I
certainly am.  The victims are the community as a whole, and anybody
who decides not to join because they see this fracas and decide to
seek out a more inviting forum.

Here's my plea to everybody, in a nutshell.  Remember that the name of
this group is comp.lang.python.  It's *not*  The topic here is Python, and if
you want to talk about that, then welcome and please do.  If on the
other hand you just want to vent your frustration, then find somewhere
else to do it.  Please.

I said I would be bowing out soon, and now I will.  This argument is
tiresome and seems only to be counter-productive.  If these threads
are still going on in another six months then I will probably speak up
again, and we can rejoin this circus then.

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