To whoever hacked into my Database

Steve Simmons square.steve at
Wed Nov 13 20:02:13 CET 2013

On 13/11/2013 19:27, superchromix wrote:
> hi all,
> I've been thinking about learning Python for scientific programming.. but all of these flame war type posts make the user community look pretty lame.  How did all of these nice packages get written when most of the user interaction is .... this??
> Can anyone tell me, is there another newsgroup where the discussion is more on python programming?
> thanks
Sadly, I'm inclined to agree with you but this is a relatively recent 

I joined this group about a year ago and, while it wasn't all 'sweetness 
and light', it was a lot better than '. . . . this' - in fact I'd say it 
was pretty good, I certainly got treated well and got quality answers to 
my (few) questions.  Right now, we have a 'help vampire' who has 
demanded an inordinate amount of time from the list members - and not in 
a polite or well structured way.  The members of this list have 
responded in various ways, ranging from continuing to help through to 
kill-file on the offending person. The discourse around how to deal with 
this issue has degenerated into some unfortunate and vitriolic debate.

As far as I can see, it remains possible to post sensible, well 
constructed questions and get sensible well-considered answers - just 
let the intense arguments pass you by and focus on your own issues and 
their resolutions and you'll be fine on this list.  There are plenty of 
very capable Pythonistas ready to help.

Some basic advice (not wanting to teach you to suck eggs):
- Include relevant info on your environment (OS; version of Python; any 
specialist libraries in use; etc)
- Come to the list with a clear description of what you are trying to do
- Preferably include a code sample that displays the problem
- Include the trace-back if you are getting one
- Try to avoid using Google Groups as your 'reader'

Welcome!  Ignore the BS and Enjoy  :-)

Steve S

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