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Tue Nov 12 18:22:29 CET 2013

Op 12-11-13 12:23, Ned Batchelder schreef:
> On Tuesday, November 12, 2013 1:31:32 AM UTC-5, ru... at wrote:
>> On 11/11/2013 06:16 PM, Ned Batchelder wrote:
>>> Nikos has received a good deal of genuine advice.  He has also been
>>> genuinely difficult to help.
>> Yes.  If he is too difficult to help without getting
>> angry because he won't do what you (generic) tell him
>> then perhaps a more constructive response is to stop
>> trying to help him rather than join the lynch mob that
>> is making the atmosphere here far worse (IMO) than
>> Nikos alone could.
> I absolutely agree with this.

This ignores the contribution of the spoon feeders. The frustration
originates with seeing Nikos ignoring helpful advices and repeating
the same question. So stop trying to help, doesn't deminish the
frustration in a significant way as long as the spoon feeders continue
to motivate Nikos in this kind of behaviour.

As long as the spoon feeders are allowed to contribute to the frustration
of other group members, you will have people who feel they are justified
in venting their frustration in the news group. And only taking the
venters to task while ignoring the spoon feeders will mostly result in
not be taken serious and will produce rather bad will than good will to
your goal.

Antoon Pardon

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