Py 3.3.2, MacBookPro, segmentation fault, GCC issue?

Laurent Pointal laurent.pointal at
Sun Nov 10 17:50:58 CET 2013

John Ladasky wrote:

> I am trying to help a student of mine install Python 3 on his MacBook Pro.
> Follow-up questions: if I need a more current GCC for my student's Mac,
> how do I obtain it?  And are there any backwards-compatibility issues I
> might need to worry about if I do upgrade?  From my Linux experience,
> upgrading GCC has never caused problems.  But I want to be cautious, since
> this isn't my computer I'll be playing with, but someone else's.

AFAIK Apple stop delivering new gcc when it goes to GPL3 licence. 
In place, they use llvm compiler tool.

See discussions and links in

There may be other solutions, but you should prefer ask in a specific MacOS
usenet group.


> Thanks for any advice you may have.
Laurent POINTAL - laurent.pointal at

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